Give The Gift of More Smiles & Less Worry.


Tackling and solving problems instills confidence. The Worry Chest System's unique Worry Tracker System teaches this valuable lesson, giving children the opportunity to evaluate and realize their own accomplishments.

Please consider this: 85% of what we worry about never happens. How powerful is that? This means that the great majority of our worries never materialize! This has been researched and documented. Imagine how different life would be if we truly understood this.

If a child is experiencing worry, anxiety or fear, how can he or she learn properly?

The Worry Chest System works because those who use it emotionally bond to the lessons it teaches.

It works because these lessons are from your child's own life.

WORRY CHEST BENEFITS (Includes 1 Worry Chest)


  1. Area provided for your child to personalize his/her name. 
  2. The Worry Chest (and the entire system) is very attractive with vibrant colors.
  3. You can introduce the Worry Chest System with the special poem inside (shown below).
  4. Will be your child's special place to initially store his/her worries, communicate and let go of fear.

WORRY SLIP BENEFITS (Includes 30 Worry Slips)

  1. Opens the door of communication between parent, caregiver or therapist and child.
  2. Leads to a lifetime of better communication with your child.
  3. Worries and fear are released from the mind and become tangible, making them much easier to deal with.
  4. Worries and fear are addressed quickly before they snowball into stress and anxiety.

  WORRY TRACKER BENEFITS (Includes 30 Pages of Tracking)

  1. Your child will understand emotionally that most of what we worry about never happens.
  2. Your child will learn that the challenges we are forced to face help us grow and believe in ourselves.
  3. The Worry Tracker will encourage your child to be proactive and find a solution to the worry.
  4. Your child will learn what to do to, if possible, to prevent the worry from happening again. (For example, preparing for a test so he/she avoids receiving a lower grade in the future).
  5. As your child reviews past worries that he/she has conquered, a feeling of accomplishment and pride along with  heightened self-belief becomes a natural result.


Children who practice grateful thinking hold a more positive attitude toward school and their families.
(Froh, Sefick & Emmons 2008)

  1. Focusing on the positive helps to relieve and prevent stress and anxiety.
  2. Your child will learn to be grateful for all that's in his or her life, including items we regularly take for granted, such as our health, families, our comfortable bed, and food.
  3. As your child learns to control anxiety and live in a state of gratitude, it will be easier to lead a happier, more stress free productive life.
  4. Gratitude will teach your child how to create a lifelong habit of thinking positively, while focusing on what he/she has to be grateful for.
  5. Scientific studies PROVE that grateful people report higher levels of positive emotions, life satisfaction, vitality and optimism, and lower levels of depression and stress.

WORRY SLIP ENVELOPES (Includes 1 of Each)

   Each envelope holds the appropriate Worry Slip..

  1. The “I Did It” envelope is where all resolved worries will go. This envelope represents accomplishment.
  2. The “I Am Brave” envelope is where unresolved worries will go. This envelope represents strength and courage.
  3. The “Resilience” envelope represents the resilience that your child has to overcome life’s bigger obstacles.

WORRY NO MORE" DIPLOMA'S (Includes 5 Diplomas)

worrynomorediploma-LIST WORRIES-2019 VER

  1. Your child will have an award to look forward to after tracking and overcoming a few worries.
  2. Recognizing a child’s accomplishment keeps them motivated, builds confidence, teaches them self-discipline to follow through to solve a problem, and so much more!
  3. Your child's accomplishments will be on their wall, consistently reminding them that they conquered previous worries which will help to reinforce their belief in themselves and self-esteem.
  4. Just add your child's name and conquered worry and the diplomas are ready to frame!

The Worry Chest System is designed to teach your child not to be anxious about a perceived negative future, or to live in the past and become a victim of his or her mind. It will put your child on the road to living a life of true joy and happiness.

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