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How The WorryChest Can Help A Child You Love



Children learn to share what is on their mind, which makes worries easier to resolve.



Children learn that most of what they worry about never happens, and they are strong enough to handle the worries that do.



The WorryChest encourages children to talk about their worries, which allows them to examine how they feel and make positive changes.



Confidence and personal power increase when children conquer their worries. These skills can be life changing!
Help Your Child Overcome Worry & Build Confidence.

The Worry Chest Includes:



Love it!

​The Worry Chest has been very helpful to me. It opened the door for me to have a better way to communicate with my children. Now they are not afraid of asking me about something bothering them. Thank you! I certainly recommend it. I call it an "ice breaker" to communication between parent and child.


Julia W.

Tallman, NY

It's Working!!

I had a lot of success with The Worry Chest. My son Daniel, even at age 5 (I wasn't sure if he was too young to use it), really enjoyed it. He started feeling better quickly knowing my husband and I were helping him with his fears, and he liked writing them down. It's been a couple of months now and he is SO much better. Thank you!!


Esther Howard

Suffern, NY

Communication has really improved!

The Worry Chest System has been a positive difference for me and my son. He is becoming a better communicator of his feelings. He has now also become much more outgoing with his classmates. This is definitely a result of The Worry Chest. I hope that The Worry Chest will become worldwide one day. Catch them young and help them to verbalize their feelings. Thank you!


Sue Haverston

Oakland, NJ

This works!

I have been using this for my daughter for about 3 weeks. I love that we know what she is worried about. Now we talk about how to fix what's on her mind with the help of The Worry Chest.


Jeanelle T.

Waterbury, CT.

Helped my son.

The Worry Chest helped my family. I was able to find out that my son has some huge worries. He worries about not having friends when he goes to the next grade. But his main worry is about his dad not spending enough time with him because we are having some problems as a couple. Thanks to the Worry Chest System I have some tools on how to communicate with my son.


Lauren K.

Fort Lee, NJ

The WorryChest helps to show your child this powerful fact:

8 out of 10 problems we worry about never happen.

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The WorryChest was awarded a NYS Grant, and proved to be a big success in the classroom.

"The WorryChest shows adults how to help children develop skills to face and conquer their fears. The result? More smiles, less worry, and a powerful sense of accomplishment!"
- Dr. Jen Altman, Co-creator

Multi-Award Winning
The WorryChest has won 9 awards, including the Creative Child's 2021 Product of the Year award.

The Worry Chest is a Multi-Award Winning Tool

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