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Our grant funds were directed into a child study with 4th, 5th, and 6th graders in a NY State Elementary School.

We had the children write their worries and fears on index cards.

The results speak for themselves about the hidden thoughts and fears that many children keep inside their minds.

The Grant Study was a Huge Success.

Parents of the children in the study were surprised and grateful that they had insight into what was on their child's mind. Many of the children's grades were lower than the child's potential because of worry and anxiety. After the grant study was evaluated, the results were shown to be an outstanding success by all the parents, teachers, guidance counselors, and children involved. 

Both grades and lives improved after utilizing The Worry Chest System. Here are a few comments from parents who's children participated in the study:

The Worry Chest System has been a positive difference for me and my son. He is becoming a better communicator of his feelings. My son is a very introverted male, who bottles up his feelings and cries when confronted. I see certain changes in him. He has become much more outgoing with his classmates. This is definitely a result of The Worry Chest System implemented at class in school. I will continue to make greater efforts at using this system in my home with my son and my daughter.

I hope that The Worry Chest System can become worldwide and capture young men. Men I find generally deal with pressures much differently than women. Catch them young and help them to verbalize their feelings. Thank you!

Micharlie L., Rockland County, NY

The Worry Chest helped my family. I was able to find out that my son has some huge worries. He worries about not having friends when he goes to the next grade. But his main worry is about his dad not spending enough time with him because we are having some problems as a couple. Thanks to the Worry Chest System I have some tools on how to communicate with my son.

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The Worry Chest System helps me communicate with my daughter about situations that worry her that I would have not been aware of. I work with her at least once a week with The Worry Chest . She is now realizing that a lot of what she worries about will not happen, or if it anything does we will work it out together.

Maria M.

The Worry Chest System has been very helpful to me. It opened the door for me to have a better way to  communicate with my children. Now they are not afraid of asking me about something bothering them. Thank you! The Worry Chest System has been a great tool for my son to open up and share his worries.

I certainly recommend it. I call it an "ice breaker" to communication between parent and child.

Donna T.



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