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FAQs. General Information

What ages is The WorryChest appropriate for?

The WorryChest is appropriate for ages 4-11.

What makes The WorryChest different from other strategies for worry?

The WorryChest is unique in that it’s colorful, engaging, and makes talking about feelings fun! It helps children understand the connection between worries and how they feel in their bodies. It gives adults a structured way to approach a topic that can be tricky to discuss, especially with young children. Children write down the worries floating around in their heads, which makes them easier to handle. It also has a built-in reward system, which reinforces the victories once worries get resolved.

How can a child I care about benefit from The WorryChest?

The WorryChest gives adults a way to teach children how to talk about their feelings. Children learn that feelings are manageable, that worries are problems that can be solved, and that they can help themselves feel better. These are benefits that can last a lifetime!

How much time does it take to go through the process with a worry?

The time will vary depending on the worry being discussed. Some worries will resolve quickly, within a couple of days. Other worries may take longer to work through. For these types of worries, there is added value in that it keeps children talking about situations that they may otherwise have hidden from significant adults in their lives.

How often should I use The WorryChest with a child?

The WorryChest process takes at least 2 visits per worry: one to record and discuss the worry and possible solutions, and one to follow-up to see if the solution worked. Depending on the number of worries at any given time, The WorryChest may be used as little as twice per week or as frequently as 4 times per week, depending on the amount and nature of the worries the child is experiencing. The WorryChest can also become a part of the child’s daily routine, where adults check in to see how the child’s day was, and whether there’s a new worry to record.

How long will shipping take?

Your order will be mailed out right away after ordering. You will receive an email with tracking information indicating when your package will arrive. If you have any questions, please email us at

What is your refund policy?

We are confident that The WorryChest will help the child you purchased it for. If you are not satisfied, we will refund you if you return the complete kit within 10 days (less shipping). The product cannot be personalized with a child's name or have writing in the journal prior to return. Email us at if you need assistance.


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