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Dr. Jody Muhlmeister, Psy.D, Dr. of Psychology, New York  The Worry Chest is a wonderful tool to help kids learn to identify and cope with their anxious thoughts. So many children are currently struggling with anxiety and worry. These kids need a tool to help promote positive self talk and thought challenging behaviors. This tool is uniquely child friendly, while promoting good mental health for our kids. I’ve used it for my own children, and I am happy to promote it in my practice working with children who struggle with anxiety.


Diane Schneider, Health Educator   Diane's accomplishments include the completion of the only skill-based health curriculum in New York State, as well as being part of the Health Leadership team and a member of the NYS Academy for Teaching and Learning. She is immersed in teaching teachers, not only for her teacher's center but for online courses offered throughout the country. Diane teaches workshops to both teachers and students about stress management and emotional health. She does workshops throughout the country about a variety of topics to keep schools safe for all children. Diane is also one of the few teachers in the nation that have been trained by the National Education Association's Trainer of Trainer programs. In her words, "I am proud to endorse The Worry Chest System, a tool that will allay feelings associated with anxiety and fear. This system helps children and their families to work out all their fears and worries before they turn into full blown stressful anxieties."


Adam Hochheiser, Educator  Hi, my name is Adam and I’ve been teaching fifth and sixth grade in public school for 18 years. I’m also a parent of two boys. I’m sure you know as an adult, especially living in the climate that we do today, there are many things to worry about, or at least to be concerned about. Especially after the Sandy Hook tragedy and the effects of bullying in and out of school. Not to mention the demands put on kids from school, sports, and peers. If we as parents and educators don’t have the time to support our kids properly, or teach them how to handle the pressures of everyday life, who will? We ourselves are trying to make ends meet, financially and emotionally; so we need a way to make sure we’re there for our kids. So what are we to do? Well, about four years ago, I was introduced to The Worry Chest System. This program is designed to teach kids (and adults) how to channel their everyday fears or worries by monitoring them; and then revisiting their entries weekly, and then monthly until they see that their fears have not come to fruition. For the past four years, I have introduced the principles of The Worry Chest System to my students within the first few weeks of school. Not only does this program teach my students to journal their fears, it also helps them track the outcomes of their worries. This may not sound important, but it is the key to learning how to control your emotions, especially things we fear. Not only have my students learned to deal with their worries better, they have become more confident at everything they do. And they also love talking about the fears they have overcome!

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