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Time For A Change

Time For A Change

Time is of the essence. Time is running out. Time flies. Timing is everything.

 As adults we are obsessed with time.  There’s never enough of it, we always want more of it, and this creates a LOT of stress.  When we are pressed for time, we rush. Too many things to do and not enough hours in the day. As a result? We worry, we miss moments, we cut conversations short, and instead of feeling more productive, we still feel like we are losing the race. So how do we do better? And how do we teach children to value time and pace themselves, to save them from our fate?

We need to get practical:

  • Everything can’t be the most important! Make a list (we love post-its!) and then see what really NEEDS to get done first.
  • We rush when things are unforeseen – with a plan, that is less likely to happen. Whether it’s using a calendar or reminders on your phone, scheduling helps!
  • Hold back. “I can totally get dinner prepared in the 20 minutes before pick-up!” “I have enough time to do the food shopping, get gas in the car, and run to the pharmacy while my child is in his 30-minute tennis lesson!” Think about the time you REALLY have. Then make your choices accordingly. You’ll do what you need to do with greater focus. And if something has to get done, it will get done, even if it isn’t at that very moment. Pull back the lens – remind yourself to shift the perspective.

Rather than try to do too much and not do any of it well, let’s show our children that we are taking the time to try to do better. Rather than be frustrated and stressed (and impatient with everyone including ourselves), let’s take a moment try and prevent feeling overwhelmed. When you prioritize taking time to breathe, you show your children how together you can reduce stress and increase smiles.

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