Give The Gift of More Smiles & Less Worry.

Move it!

Move it!

When the worries hit, I struggle to move.  When the “what ifs” erupt, I can come up with endless iterations of the terrible and troublesome things that could happen. But ask me to solve an actual problem? To do something?  I’m totally unmotivated. Stuck. And physically? The only thing racing is my mind.  My body is tired from expending mental energy to maintain control. I physically feel the stress – my breathing becomes shallower, my muscles tighten, my hands are cold.  If we feel this way when we worry, you can bet our children do too.

What can we do to combat this attack from within? How do we clear the cobwebs, break the worrisome mental messaging loop, and restart the motor? MOVE. Mobilize. Get up. Literally.

It feels counterintuitive. When we feel attacked by our stressful thoughts and worries, we instinctively want to circle the wagons and make life smaller and safer.  

But if we power through that, we can flood our system with the good stuff: endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine – brain chemicals that provide feelings of well-being and satisfaction. When you start to move your muscles – blood flows, breathing improves, and tension gets released. It doesn’t have to be a formal workout – no equipment or gym membership or field needed.  Just put on your favorite tunes and move. Do some squats, jumping jacks or stretches. Walk around the room. Better yet, have a dance party! You can go solo or make it a family affair and get everyone involved! This brings silliness and fun but also spontaneity and connection. You create a new ritual and make memories. You are reminded that the world is bigger than your worries.

Moving your body brings you into the present moment – and when you are in your body you’re not in your mind. You can create a new go-to when things are getting too tense in your house. You are teaching children how to handle stress. And making life less serious and more fun means less worries, and more smiles!

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