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Declutter Your Mind!

Declutter Your Mind!
I have always thought that the state of my mind is like the state of my desk. There are times when the piles (on top of the other piles) are toppling, the keyboard hasn’t been dusted in ages, loose papers are littered across the top of open books (sitting there for weeks without being read). Other times, the plastic, labeled organizers are full of the appropriate papers, neatly lined up. My computer screen is smudge-free, my post-its providing a clear indication of what tasks need completing. Worries in the mind are like clutter in the brain. They scatter the papers, put fingerprints on the keyboard, and make it impossible to find the one post-it you need. That’s why one of the most useful strategies is getting organized. Putting all of your worries in one place – whether they are written in a notebook, typed into a word document, dictated onto a notes app, or even drawn in picture form – gets them out of your mind, and makes them concrete. Once you can more clearly see the problem, it is much easier to find a solution. This is at the crux of The WorryChest’s approach to resolving children’s worries! Decluttering creates space. With space comes perspective. And with perspective comes the ability to look at things differently. And that is the first step towards less worry, and more smiles.

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